Tropical Cyclone Olwyn

Finally… our first Cyclone for this wet season… and it just brushed by us……

Tropical Cyclone Olwyn has made its mark on the Western Australian coast line a bit further south from me.

Nothing in comparison to TC Pam which by the media suggests also total devastation of island and people off Vanuatu.

For Vanuatu I hope against odds that everyone in its path is ok.

I love severe weather….. but Im not a sadist…

For Olwyn I was happened with huge humidity issues with my camera, battering winds and sea spray so the majority of my shots have been discarded, never to see the light from my hard drives.

I did manage tho get off a 100 shots in a time lapse with the go pro though :)  Did expect that I would be in the picture lol

Olwyn-Swell Blown-around Down-stream


Nope, not talking about that.. Quicky…. ;)

A 54 Image Stitch whilst waiting for the sun to go down near the local horse stables.

The storm cell did produce a lot of lightning but it would have been about 50-100 km north of me at a guess.

Have a safe weekend


Still waiting for that elusive downpour

Soooo…. Now as we are ending Feb 2015 the Pilbara is still waiting for mother nature to send us some much needed rain.  At a guess Id say we have had maybe 10mm throughout this “Wet Season”. Last 2 years I think we would have had at least 2 close calls for cyclones.

Over the last few days we have had consecutive days of plus 45 deg c (113 F) and would be lying if I said that I haven’t had enough of it. :)  I think Id almost kill for a cold shower, even the cold water from the tap flows out at about 37 deg C

It does make for some interesting weather patterns though and a heap of lightning which have also given us a few scrub fires and kept everyone on their toes.

Hope everyone is safe throughout the world










Sunsets, storms and lightning.

After a rather dreary day yesterday down at the beach I was surprised with an amazing sunset!
A sunset, added with a storm, added with some lightning :)

Heres just a couple of shots from tonight.

Number 1 image, other then levelling the shot and adding the watermarks is unedited.



Image 3 is 52 stitched images.



The build up

This without doubt has been the latest wet season Ive come across in the last few years of living about the 26th Parallel.
The last 2-3 years we would have had at least 1 or 2 cyclone warnings if not had one pass over the coast.  Its a tad frustrating.

In saying that, the weather is building up slowly.  Heres a couple of shots from the last week.
Enjoy and stay safe


Festive Season

Hoping everyones festive season is skipping along nicely.
Heres a couple of randoms that I finished processing a week or 2 ago, just haven’t had the chance to put up and a couple of shots of the finished product.







Bits and pieces

Now that Im back at work (after my holidays) Ive struggled to get out and about.  In saying that we are now in the throws of “Wet Season” in the Pilbara and to be honest… its been rather bland up until now.  Even the forecast says that there is a mid chance of rain and looking out the front door right now theres not a cloud in the sky. :s
Our current temps have ranged from 47.7 deg c in Hedland down to 36 deg c  Karratha-Exmouth and I think I noticed about a 80% humidity yesterday to boot which Im hoping creates instability with the weather and everything starts to ramp up a bit.  My guess is that it will be a late start this year.

Here are a few shots taken over the last month that I haven’t posted before from Karijini and Wickham Western Australia

Enjoy and stay safe.



Stitching Images

Photo Stitching (or Image Stitching) is the process of combining multiple images that overlap fields of view to produce a high resolution panorama.  Bit like what you get on a iPhone but usually better with a dslr.

The stitching component can be done by software like what canon has, within the camera itself , photoshop or hardware and software like Gigapan.

They are quite time consuming once you start getting a few shots together and have a degree of technicality.

There are several ways that the images can be taken and Im not about to discredit one way from another.  I think what ever works for that photographer than great!

Up until recently my usual collection of images taken for a stitch is about 30. I have my tripod and “head” set up so that I can take images every x degrees.  Since I updated my poor old Mac to Yosemite Ive managed to knock over +60 shots in a stitch which is really quite amazing considering the computer memory that goes into them.  Yesterdays efforts saw just a smidgen under 1000 shots and about 18-20 gig of memory used.
Camera setup can vary on the situation as does when I use my gigapan, there are manual changes that I do throughout the shot also to correct for light.

One hint I will give. Prior to commencing a “stitch” take a shot of your hand, i.e. if you are shooting from left to right.  Take a shot of our left hand and at the completion take a shot of your right hand.  When it comes to processing a lot of images its handy when you are previewing them all together.

Here are a couple of shots that I have taken in the last week.

Images 1 and 3 are the same. I initially did the shot up for a 360 degree pano but didn’t really want my car in view so I cropped it out on No 3

360-degree-bmx-pano-2000pxl Lookout-50-copy cropped-360-degree-bmx-pano-copy Jamie-Johnson-in-action Karratha-Storm-Sunset-final

A weekend at Karijini

Ive been to Karijini National Park 3 times now, the first two times I camped, this time round I “glamped” (glamour camping).

Its not as though you have many options anyway.  There is little power and certainly no housing there which I guess goes towards the “Eco” title, you don’t even have a rubbish bin, anything that you use, you have to cart 40 odd kms out of the Park.

Im glad I glamped this time round, the back isn’t what it used to be and sleeping on the floor or in a cot makes for a bad day and grumpy Geoff.

Quite the difference in price from 20-30 bucks a night to camp with your own gear vs a on sale price of 500 bucks for 2-3 nights for 2 people with meals included etc, but it means things are taken care of so I don’t have to think about stuff and just go out and shoot.

So with the glamping I had a king bed (think it was king?) private shower/ toilet as opposed to communal and a power point to charge my camera gear.

I must say that the shower/ toilet etc is still out doors and exposed though… Yes there is a roof over it from the Eco tent and walls but there is no glass in the windows and the walls finish about head height.  Its a bit of a surprise when you wake up in the morning only to find 30 pairs of eyes staring at you from the toilet (green tree frogs).

Anyway here are some shots from the weekend.  I took about 10 gigs worth so Ill have to go through them all eventually.  Last shot is of the Eco Tent.











Trick or treat!

Hope everyone has a scary halloween when ever it gets to you around the globe!
Thought Id share a pumpkin that my two youngest and I carved today.


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