Im Back!!

Its been a while since Ive had a chance to update my blog. I returned from my tour of the USA in Dec 2015, straight into a cyclone season, work and now have moved over 1800 km from my last location to the South West of Western Australia.

Whilst in the States I had an absolute ball and took hundreds of gigs worth of shots.  Problem is that I enjoy myself too much lol.

Ill post up a couple at a time, so please enjoy.

Valley-of-the-Giants Joshua-Tree Leaving-Yosemite Yosemite-Sunrise



Getting close now

Well it’s 8.62 days, 206.97 hours or 745,091 seconds before I commence my trip back to the US of A.  Seriously can’t wait! and yes I am counting every second:)

I am currently printing out maps, tour passes and all sorts of stuff to make it easier.

Last time i was over in the States I had a few issues with directions etc.  Started with buying a gps which needed an immediate software update and turned out that it wouldn’t work. (Didn’t get one from the hire company as the rental costs alone I could have brought 3.)  Stuffed up itinerary from the travel agent (though I take blame for this as I should know where Im going:) ) and a few other things.  Long winded… My wife on occasion rung me with directions and then fb messaged some as well.  So this time I plan to have a back up for my back up for my back up.

Things I found helpful last time?
*240v inverter for the car. Why you say. Because I am doing about 4000miles which will give me a chance to charge my equipment.
*Seriously comfortable and supportive hiking boots.

Last time I scored!  I walked into a store in Perth WA who were having a sale.  I managed to purchase some Asolo hiking boots for about a 1/3 of the price.  I still have those boots and wear them when ever I am out and about.  This time I wasn’t so luck on the sale but dang, they are worth every cent spent.  the new ones are better equipped for snow which I hope I see.

*Thongs, aka, flip flops, aka, foot falcons, jandals (for our kiwi friends).  I hadn’t thought this one through before I left. I thought I probably wouldn’t need these being a cooler country.  I ended up purchasing a set of flip flops in Utah after I went hiking through some canyons and ended up knee deep in water and must say that whilst they were good and still have them, they were well over priced in comparison to Aus.
*Missed last time, Camel back… say no more, hydration is important.

This time I will be spending some decent time in Yosemite, Page Arizona, Zion (have ensured that I have enough time to do Angels Landing), through to Glacier and many parks throughout Oregon.  This isn’t to mention time that I will be spending in the Muir Woods, Redwood National Park, Alcatraz and a few other places to boot!

Im hoping to catch up with my friends at Heaven and Earth Designs in Oregon and a few other people:)  So if you see me, say g’day!

Without doubt, I have the best wife in the world

For those that follow me, I have been desperate to get back to the US to photograph the scenery, colours, scape’s and network with everyone.

Ive toyed over the idea of different locations for my trip this time starting in San Francisco rather than LA.

Over the last 2 weeks my trip has come to fruition thanks to my wife Fleur who has met tirelessly with the travel agent, booked stuff including equipment and all sorts of things. All this for a trip that will only have me going on it.

So this time I will be spending time photographing San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Arizona, Zion (again), Idaho up to  Glacier National Park, Oregon and back down the coast to San Francisco again.

There are some amazing views through out this trip and can’t wait to shoot and show the world what I see.

Thank-you Fleur xxx


Chasing Meteors

So over the last week the world is privileged to see the Perseid Meteor Showers.  Not that everyone can view them and in the North West of Aus the odds are stacked against it.

I went out over two nights to see what I could capture, night one I didn’t see one, night two I saw about a dozen falling stars, not that I think I captured any

Here are a couple of shots from Karratha Western Australia.

All taken between 11pm- 130am.

I have to say the new Nikon d810s ISO capability is amazing!Starry-tracks Star-Clusters

(Next shot was taken with a yellow filter just for something different)


Milkyway-Silhouette This-way Behind-the-scenes

Sandstone WA (part 2)

Just a few more shots from Sandstone.
Must say that Im not a superstitious person but every time I visited London Bridge I felt as though some thing was watching me.  Dingo maybe? who knowslife-long-gone Arch-Stars Windless Golden-Arch Milky-way-and-shooting-star 1907 Yestayear

Sandstone WA (part 1)

As promised some shots from Sandstone WA.

I was recently sent there to assist in a land search for a missing prospector.  I believe the lady has been missing for a few months and is well published throughout the media.  My photography always takes a second seat to this sort of work however I have added a pano from my iPhone during day light hours to show the terrain and the severity of the Western Australian Outback.  Sandstone is a long way away from any help if you start getting into any problems.  I saying that…. Id go back in a heart beat as the skies are free of light polution and makes for awesome nights shots!!




3 weeks on the road

My normal job takes me all over the state of Western Australia, its part of one of the things I like about it and one of the things that on occasion can frustrate me as well.

Week one I spent in Exmouth and when I finished my work I went out shooting with my camera, weeks 2 and 3 were in Sandstone.  Sandstone is literally in the middle of no where.

Below are some images from Exmouth and will add some shots of Sandstone in a few days.

Enjoy.Whale-Tail Looking-Out Day-to-night


Tropical Cyclone Olwyn

Finally… our first Cyclone for this wet season… and it just brushed by us……

Tropical Cyclone Olwyn has made its mark on the Western Australian coast line a bit further south from me.

Nothing in comparison to TC Pam which by the media suggests also total devastation of island and people off Vanuatu.

For Vanuatu I hope against odds that everyone in its path is ok.

I love severe weather….. but Im not a sadist…

For Olwyn I was happened with huge humidity issues with my camera, battering winds and sea spray so the majority of my shots have been discarded, never to see the light from my hard drives.

I did manage tho get off a 100 shots in a time lapse with the go pro though:)  Did expect that I would be in the picture lol

Olwyn-Swell Blown-around Down-stream


Nope, not talking about that.. Quicky….😉

A 54 Image Stitch whilst waiting for the sun to go down near the local horse stables.

The storm cell did produce a lot of lightning but it would have been about 50-100 km north of me at a guess.

Have a safe weekend


Still waiting for that elusive downpour

Soooo…. Now as we are ending Feb 2015 the Pilbara is still waiting for mother nature to send us some much needed rain.  At a guess Id say we have had maybe 10mm throughout this “Wet Season”. Last 2 years I think we would have had at least 2 close calls for cyclones.

Over the last few days we have had consecutive days of plus 45 deg c (113 F) and would be lying if I said that I haven’t had enough of it.:)  I think Id almost kill for a cold shower, even the cold water from the tap flows out at about 37 deg C

It does make for some interesting weather patterns though and a heap of lightning which have also given us a few scrub fires and kept everyone on their toes.

Hope everyone is safe throughout the world











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