Time flies

My last trip to the USA was from Sept-late Nov 2015.  Of that I took about 22 gig of images. Soooo…  almost 18 months later Im still processing photos from it.

Now I have never hid the fact that I love shooting in the US.  I literally saw 4 seasons in a few days driving through Oregon.  You just can’t get that in Australia.

I miss it, I miss the feeling of being able to explore, the life style and great customer service.  Australia, you can pay 7 bucks for a coffee and only be offered a grunt for conversation.  We are quite behind the times when it comes to that.

I would dearly love to spend more time over there.. Im not worried about living in some major city… just somewhere I am close by to nature with power and internet.  If anyone knows how to achieve this Ill happily listen.

Im still sitting on my backside at the moment with my busted foot 😦  Feeling the misery of not exploring and photographing the world.  It has given me some time to go back through and appreciate what I have seen and plan some more.

Have a great weekend if you are already there and if not, it means Happy Saint Paddy’s Day!

Below are some shots from Montana.

Part 2 of the travel Video

Today, last year… I would have been in Whitefish Montana enjoying the feeling of snow and the fine folk that I met.  I really miss that experience and am planning my next trip in 2018.

Here is a short 6 minute vid of some of the images from Las Vegas through to Idaho Falls.


Hold my beer and watch this…

Ive been photographing for about 6-7 years now and have a regular need to capture mother natures finest scenes.

Ive dodge lightning strikes, illness, hauled aside by US customs over my camera equipment (very professional with their service and polite) but never really hurt myself.

Saturday, I was having a walk around Canal Rocks Western Australia. Not even shooting, just getting out and about, getting some fresh air as my shifts did not permit me to go out over the last few weeks.

I was wearing normal attire, my hiking boots that give my ankles support as I have previous injured my right one.  I was about 3 meters from the foot path, walking back to my car and BAM!, left ankle gives out.

Not a life flashing before my eyes moment but Jesus!, fuck me drunk… it hurt, had to sit down after a wave of dizziness (thanks to the 3 dudes that were standing looking at me and just walked off).

So worked out my options and drove to the hospital back near home… an hour away.  Thanks to the person who designed automatic gear boxes!

So now Im sporting a cast on my left leg, apparently my ankle is fractured and off to see a surgeon on Thursday.  Hopefully he will tell me the Doctors in the ED all need glasses and there is nothing wrong with me.

I have been asked to explain how it has happened a few times now.  No amazing story of being chased by wildlife, no “hold my beer, watch this” event… just me… walking…  How boring!


Oh well, gives me the chance to process some shots now as Its really the only thing other than sleeping I can do at this second…




USA Tour Video Part 1

Today, last year… I would have been in Whitefish Montana enjoying the feeling of snow and the fine folk that I met.  I really miss that experience and am planning my next trip in 2018.

Here is a short 6 minute vid of some of the images from SF through to Las Vegas.

Yosemite National Park

From San Francisco I travelled to Yosemite National Park in just a few hours.

Spending a few days there was great, maybe next time an extra day or two just to cover off on some astro work/ sunrise and set times.

It was particularly dry when I arrived with almost no water flowing which was a bit of a shame.  Bridal Veil Falls only had a trickle.  Maybe next time eh? .

I saw plenty of bear cubs and other wildlife there though and I saw several groups of rock climbers everywhere.  Those guys and girls are just mad!

Star Trails

Since the purchase of the new camera last year it has given a far greater scope to shoot sceneries.  The Nikon D300 was a great camera (and still is) by the ISO completely sucked above 2-300.  The D810… argh.. just wow… 5000 ISO and nothing that can’t be fixed in Photoshop.

I was recently asked as to how I shot one particular image.  Mind you most of my images are just not one shot.

The image in particular took about 150 images and about a dozen hours in Photoshop to process.

So here is the image and will post a link to Vimeo. (Music: Wrong Way by Creed)

Star Trail Video



San Francisco/ CA

Would have to have been one of my favourite “City” places that I visited.  Very friendly during the day for the most of it, arty, great food, shopping and sites to see.

I did end up almost punching out a bloke who ran at me whilst trying to evade Walgreens store security for shop theft, but a last minute brain snap reminded me Im not in Australia and not doing my normal day job.  Walked out of that location around the corner and SFPD unloading a robot for a suspicious package threat.

Early hours of the day were another issue.  Whilst suffering the effects of jet lag I was up at 3 am most mornings to start with. I decided to walk around and see what I could photograph.  There were plenty of people that were homeless, shadow boxing etc around the pier.  Kept my distance and life was all good.

Hiking up and down the hills were a killer and don’t recommend if your of poor health.

So in between melting the credit card at Best Buy, REI and a few stores to stock up on equipment/ hardware I also visited many restaurants, Palace of Fine Arts, Painted Ladies, Coit Tower, Lombard Street, China Town and about as far south east as Brannan Street and as far north west as Fort point at Golden Gate bridge, all on foot.

Still to this day I  can’t get over the great prices and selection at Best Buy and REI.

I was fortunate that the Hotel (Pier 2620 on Jones Street) that I selected was well placed.  One thing that did catch me by surprise was the cost of the parking.  I knew it would be expensive but dang!

One of the mornings I also set out to walk to Pier 33 where the cruises to Alcatraz departed from which in all honesty wasn’t that far either.  Another morning after watching the sun rise over the Golden Gate Bridge I spent a few hours wandering around Muir Woods.

Driving over the GGB is an experience in itself.

Alcatraz was a good day out though well packed with tourists such as myself and almost impossible to get photos without people in them.  A good eye opener into its history.

So I stayed in SF for about 4-5 days before heading off to my first location at Yosemite.

In the end I took about 22 gig of photos so whilst Im posting these up I probably till have more to add.  Which I ahem since created a FB page just for this trip:  Facebook Golden Orb Designs USA


5 months

Cant believe that I have neglected my blog for 5 months!
So in that time, Ive moved from the Pilbara to the South West of Western Australia and shot some amazing scenery, which I will add in a another post shortly.

Here are a few more from my trip from “up top”.
As I have so many now I will add them by state.
So first off here is Utah.

Im Back!!

Its been a while since Ive had a chance to update my blog. I returned from my tour of the USA in Dec 2015, straight into a cyclone season, work and now have moved over 1800 km from my last location to the South West of Western Australia.

Whilst in the States I had an absolute ball and took hundreds of gigs worth of shots.  Problem is that I enjoy myself too much lol.

Ill post up a couple at a time, so please enjoy.

Valley-of-the-Giants Joshua-Tree Leaving-Yosemite Yosemite-Sunrise



Getting close now

Well it’s 8.62 days, 206.97 hours or 745,091 seconds before I commence my trip back to the US of A.  Seriously can’t wait! and yes I am counting every second 🙂

I am currently printing out maps, tour passes and all sorts of stuff to make it easier.

Last time i was over in the States I had a few issues with directions etc.  Started with buying a gps which needed an immediate software update and turned out that it wouldn’t work. (Didn’t get one from the hire company as the rental costs alone I could have brought 3.)  Stuffed up itinerary from the travel agent (though I take blame for this as I should know where Im going 🙂 ) and a few other things.  Long winded… My wife on occasion rung me with directions and then fb messaged some as well.  So this time I plan to have a back up for my back up for my back up.

Things I found helpful last time?
*240v inverter for the car. Why you say. Because I am doing about 4000miles which will give me a chance to charge my equipment.
*Seriously comfortable and supportive hiking boots.

Last time I scored!  I walked into a store in Perth WA who were having a sale.  I managed to purchase some Asolo hiking boots for about a 1/3 of the price.  I still have those boots and wear them when ever I am out and about.  This time I wasn’t so luck on the sale but dang, they are worth every cent spent.  the new ones are better equipped for snow which I hope I see.

*Thongs, aka, flip flops, aka, foot falcons, jandals (for our kiwi friends).  I hadn’t thought this one through before I left. I thought I probably wouldn’t need these being a cooler country.  I ended up purchasing a set of flip flops in Utah after I went hiking through some canyons and ended up knee deep in water and must say that whilst they were good and still have them, they were well over priced in comparison to Aus.
*Missed last time, Camel back… say no more, hydration is important.

This time I will be spending some decent time in Yosemite, Page Arizona, Zion (have ensured that I have enough time to do Angels Landing), through to Glacier and many parks throughout Oregon.  This isn’t to mention time that I will be spending in the Muir Woods, Redwood National Park, Alcatraz and a few other places to boot!

Im hoping to catch up with my friends at Heaven and Earth Designs in Oregon and a few other people 🙂  So if you see me, say g’day!

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