Interesting News “n stuff”

Recently I completed a course in Crash Investigation and the two Instructors were total comedians all the way through the training.  Its not something new for me with this course, Ive been doing this line of work for close to 15 years, its just a formality and something I have a interest in, in my normal profession.  Actually investigating crashes is one of the many reasons why I got into photography.

Everyday Id ask “what are we going to learn today?” and the answer was “Stuff…”… Id ask, what kind of “stuff?”… and they would retort with..”You, know… stuff..” So Ive followed with the word “stuff” meaning a group of things…

So last week I delivered my Canvas prints to the local Visitors Centre, heres hoping that they sell fast!  Im quite curious to see how it all pans out. Ive even reduced the price considerably to get the ball rolling.

Last year I was contacted to supply several prints to the Hospitality Inn in Port Hedland for their Restaurant “The Pilbara Room”,  I was pretty excited about this as it a way of having my images on display, after 12-18 months Im starting to see some inquiries from these prints.

Im pretty happy about the interest (actually Im stoked!), just need to generate that interest into sales.

Below are some of the images on display at the Visitors Centre.( its really difficult to get a decent shot of a photo).

Have  a great weekend!
canvas7 canvas6 canvas5 canvas4 canvas3 canvas2 canvas1


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